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10 Reasons I'll Give You a Quality
Beer Can Appraisal

1) I'm not a dealer so my beer can appraisal is unbiased.
2) I have been collecting beer cans & breweriana since 1978.
3) Over the years I have viewed some of the largest beer can collections ever assembled.
4) I have obtained knowledge from some of the biggest collectors the hobby has ever known.
5) I attend beer can shows across the country.
6) The market is constantly changing and I'm always monitoring it.
7) You don't need a license to give beer can appraisals, but you do need the experience and knowledge.
8) I'm dedicated to giving back to the hobby and educating others.
9) I do not need a photo of your beer cans, a description is enough to give my appraisal.
10) There's no charge for your appraisal and you are not required to provide anything but your e-mail address and beer can description.

Top 30 Flat Top
Beer Cans
Valued $5,000 +

1) Rosalie Pilsner - Chicago, IL
2) Tiger Beer -
Chicago, IL
3) Waldorf Bock - Cleveland, OH
4) Class Pilsner -
Philadelphia, PA
5) Pilgrim Ale -
Boston, MA
6) Golden Rod -
New York, NY
7) Kruegers Bock -
Newark, NJ
8) Arrow Ale -
Baltimore, MD
9) New England Beer -
Springfield, MA
10) Neuweiller Bock -
Allentown, PA
11) Ambrosia Lager -
Chicago, IL
12) Autocrat Pilsner -
Chicago, IL
13) Clipper Pale -
Santa Rosa, CA
14) Dingle Bay Cream Ale -
New Haven, CT
15) Edel Brau Ale -
New York, NY
16) Eigenbrot's Ale -
Baltimore, MD
17) English Lad Ale -
Chicago, IL
18) Gunther's Bock -
Baltimore, MD
19) Hopfheiser -
Baltimore, MD
20) Kent Ale -
Newark, NJ
21) Liebmann's Beer -
New York, NY
22) Lion Bock -
New York, NY
23) Old St. Loius Ale -
St. Louis, MO
24) Peter Doelger Bock -
Harrison, NJ
25) Pilsen Brau Lager -
San Francisco, CA
26) Poth's Ale -
Philadelphia, PA
27) Rheingold Pale Bock - New York, NY
28) Roger Williams Ale -
Providence, RI
29) Jacob Ruppert Bock - New York, NY
30) St. Claire Ale -
San Jose, CA

Top 15 Cone Top
Beer Cans
Valued $5,000 +

1) Apache Beer - Phoenix, AZ
2) Boston Light Ale -
Boston, MA
3) Eagle Beer -
San Francisco, CA
4) Gibbons Bock Beer -
Wilkes Barre, PA
5) Jolly Scot Ale -
Harrisburg, PA
6) Leidigs Dutch Mill -
San Francisco, CA
7) National Beer -
Baltimore, MD
8) Ortliebs Bock Ale -
Philadelphia, PA
9) Pilsers Light Beer -
New York, NY
10) Red Lion Ale -
Cincinnati, OH
11) Royal Finest Lager -
San Francisco, CA
12) Tally Ho Ale -
New York, NY
13) Travis Dark Beer -
San Antonio, TX
14) Tru Blu Ale 10 oz -
Northampton, PA
15) White Horse Pilsener Chicago, IL

Do My Old Beer Cans Have Value?

Your old beer cans could each have a value of $5,000 or more

Recent beer can values vary widely due to the current 2009 economic environment.
Most flat top and cone top beer cans bring up to $500 but there are scarce beer cans
that advanced collectors will pay $1000+ for.

Maybe you found a can in your house while renovating. Do you know what it is worth?
My 25+ years experience in the hobby will establish a market value for your old beer cans.

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Recent Flat Top & Cone Top
Beer Can Appraisals

This Columbia Extra Pale Beer can was produced in 1938-1939.
It was found in the ceiling of a house in Washington during a renovation after a fire.

The owner was originally offered a few $100 for the can. After my appraisal she refused the offer.

The can was eventually purchased privately for over $1000.

This GB Grace Bros Age Dated Beer can is circa 1936.
It was purchased in an West Coast antique shop many years ago.
After appraising the can I gave put the owner in contact with a few internet beer can dealers.

He returned to offer me the can.

This scarce Carnegie Beer cone top beer can was found buy a carpenter while renovating a bathroom. He took the can home only to return with it later because he felt it may be valuable.

I appraised the can for the homeowner.

The can was sold to a dealer for $3000. The homeowner and carpenter split the money. It helped her pay for some of the renovations.

The Hillman's American Pride Export Beer pictured here is the only one in existence. The owner was known to have the can, but was reluctant to part with it.

I appraised the can as unique and open to establish a value.

I acted as a broker finding a private collector to purchase the can.
I received a small brokers fee.

This Burger Sparkling Ale cone top belonged to a woman in Alabama.

After my appraisal I also gave her options available to sell the can, including information about how to sell on eBay.

She sold the can on eBay for over $800.